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It is expected that the XTS will be a one-trick pony with the approaching CT6 occupying basically the same footprint and the CTS occupying the same price range. In fact, after the LMA meeting in Vegas, my sales manager hinted that MY15 or a partial MY16 could be all she wrote for our DTS replacement.

With the XTS out of the way, perhaps Chevy will stop limiting the Impala and give us a proper SS trim with the powertrain plucked from the XTS Vsport. So not to encroach on whatever Buick might have planned for their forthcoming next-gen Lacrosse, allow a base SS Impala to be equipped like a 2LT starting around $38K, while the full-boat 2LZ will come in at $45K; no options unchecked. Give the MCE LED taillights and a few styling/technology updates to keep it current and call it a day.

Also, with the demise of the Holden Commodore, assembly of the Chevy SS is expected to move to North America riding a version of the Alpha chassis. With this move, Chevy will have the opportunity to assign a proper name (doesn't have to be Caprice, but it makes sense), give a more aggressive design (if Impala continues to look like a 4 door Camaro, make the Caprice look like a 4 door Vette), and expand the option sheet. My (Caprice) SS would look like this:

SS Package
$41,995 - $52,995
2,000 Car per Year Production Limit

Newest version of LT1, MRC, 7-speed stick/8 speed auto, 20" wheels...basically a 1SS Camaro plus the latest technology and exclusivity factor. Top end is 2SS equivalent. Top end includes 1LE equivalent.

ZL2 Package
1,000 CPY

4 Door ZL1.

500 CPY

4 Door Z/28.

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