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I'd add to your ideas.

Stretch Alpha even further, give it about 4" in wheelbase beyond Alpha+, and just make the next Impala RWD.

1) A series of SWB Alpha+ sedans: Impala SS, Regal, CTS, Commodore
2) A series of SWB Alpha+ coupes: Chevelle, Regal coupe, CTS coupe, Monaro
3) LWB (120" wb) Alpha+ sedan: Impala (maybe also a fleet-only Cadillac, distinct from the rest of the lineup, and also a new Statesman?)

I would not make the SS a Corvette-looking car. I would take the Impala's styling and evolve it more aggressively, but retain a very premium look.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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