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2016 Acura ILX Review

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The Acura Integra was a big deal for Acura.

Well loved by many, it became synonymous with Acura and elevated the young luxury brand’s image. But the ILX, Acura’s new take on a small premium sedans, has yet to catch on. Lacking an identity of its own, the ILX’s mundane styling, ho-hum powertrain and absence of a family resemblance meant most people forgot about it before it even had a chance to make an impression.

Acura is aware of the issues and is intent on fixing them for the 2016 model year. To start, the ILX receives new front and rear styling that mimics the larger TLX. In Acura’s quest to give everything “Jewel Eyes.” the ILX now wears the brand’s familiar multi-LED headlights. But it isn’t a full LED design because the inside two squares are actually hollow and house a traditional halogen high beam light behind them.

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Such a bland looking car - take off the Acura badge and it could be any Japanese brand.
The ILX has had a nice round of improvements and upgrades to it. And to be sure, the Acura will undoubtedly be the better value than the A3 or CLA, being both larger and cheaper when comparably equipped (estimated). However, just looking at photos of the interiors the two Germans appear to have more detail. That doesn't mean necessarily better quality but it's one example of the more premium association those two have that the ILX does not. I'm guessing the ILX is largely going to appeal to Civic, Accord, and TSX owners whereas the Germans might get a nice mix of conquest and people stepping "down" from the 3 and C. Just my guess. Either way it's a nice car, but next time around Acura should more thoroughly Acura-ize it.

And offer the 2.0T.
I give Honda credit for trying harder.

I remember when Honda tried hardest.
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Such a bland looking car - take off the Acura badge and it could be any Japanese brand.
Or even a Buick ;)
Yup a Civic. I'm a huge fan of old Honda cars, '91 CRX Si being one of my favorite cars of all time, this is a mere shadow of what Honda was once. But to their credit bland sells really well these days and bland they are doing really well.
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