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That's about the same price as a Colorado with the Z71 package. Who'd buy the little truck at that rate?
Listen my friend the next generation of buyers do not care about size and bigger is better. We have been through a recession and have unlimited resources (Internet,Print,Google,Word of Mouth via Social Media) to make a logical and thrifty choice that fits exactly what they need. The Paradaim has shifted. Excess is not Success just stupidity. Why not buy a cheaper 9/10 scale truck with all the future tech one could want and still have cash to use it for a daily driver or jet skis/ active life-styles. GM has positioned themselves well. This will be good and get the younger crowds into the dealership meaning younger im referring to 25-32 year olds who always wanted a truck but cannot afford or need the excess of a 1500 HD capabilities... excuse a half ton. The assumption is that consumers want more and more which is not the case that want a variety of more and this truck allows it. I can buy a 36k Canyon 3.6 and still have cash to buy two dirt bikes and a jet ski for my outdoor adventures. Welcome to the next gen buyers mind. Also sustainability and materials are a huge factor in keeping America on top. We need to utilize our metals,plastics/Natural resources better and Toyota is ahead of the game with the hydrogen. GM has also perfected this so I would wait and see what GM's plan is for this tech as they may wrap it into the Volt lineup and create a sub-brand.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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