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I guess thats the issue. Whatever was happening to the paint prep was going on in the first few months of the year. I read somewhere online that the problem has been fixed on the line.....Not sure what to do here. I've been a loyal gm customer for 15 years. This is my 3rd new heavy duty truck. I can say the other two gave me no problems at all. I put a little over 100k miles on them and traded up. All duramax/allison 3/4 or 1 ton trucks. I dont feel like I'm asking for a lot, I just want GM to own the problem and take care of the issue. Dont want to give me a better deal on a trade or a cash voucher to get me out of this one, then how about swapping body panels? There HAS to be a better way of getting through this then "your on your own, we real sorry and all, but good luck" I guess they can send all the customer surveys they want. If you dont take care of your customers, it doesnt take a 5 page survey to figure out why they changed brands! The first attempt to fix the bed was full of fish eyes and dust. There was overspray on the tailgate, roof, and adjacent door. I had to take it in twice to get the repair completed and buffed back out. Im STILL not happy with the make shift repair. No booth, No oven, No robots painting at the dealerships. How is that the same? C'mon GM, work with me...
No paint job will ever be as good as the factory. I would say go for your lemon law. Paint is never going to sit right you will always have a bit of trash even if they have the best system. I have seen it plenty of times before with people who have a scratch and get it fixed or accidents and getting them repaired. Start your lemon law.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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