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There are some rumblings about Explorer vs Edge vs Expedition and RWD vs FWD and BOF vs Unitbody in that space. I have not paid close enough attention to really understand what the hints are getting at, but I do believe the idea of Explorer (or another car) taking on the Grand Cherokee more directly was mentioned (i.e. RWD unitbody/hybrid design).

Of course the next Navigator will be a Land Rover beater with unitbody aluminum chassis, so Ford is obviously working to try new things in the chassis department.

I have a Grand Cherokee now and I would never consider any current Ford products. I'm not biased and I drove both the edge and explorer when I was shopping; however, they didn't hold a candle to my car. If they brought over the Everest it would be the only Ford product I would consider.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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