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2015 chevy super bowl ad

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Thought this ad was great...everyone I was with literally stopped talking and paid attention.

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I think it got a lot of people. Kinda funny.
It got my attention. Good commercial.
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Got my attention. I started to loudly insult NBC until it became clear that it was an ad. A clever approach, most unlike GM. Chevy and Dodge had the best ads last night, even if many were not new. The Lexus ad with the toy cars was good, but nothing special and the Nissan Maxima ad was garbage, even though I love the song they used- I mean what race car driver can't fly his friggin wife and kid over to race tracks to see his races? Cheap *******. It was all just too contrived. The Honda rear view camera ad was good (interesting seeing so many cars reversing into a parking at the same time) but again, nothing special and will be soon forgotten.
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Really good Chevy. add.
Guess I'm smarter than most? The first thing I thought was, how is the roof closed in that shot!? :ponder: Then by the time I got over thinking about that, we all realized it was just an ad.

Otherwise brilliant; if they'd just shot 2 intros, (one with the roof open and one with it closed) and used the correct one, it would have been perfect.
I did like the Chevy ads!!!! Overall, ad-wise I've never been so disappointed by the Super Bowl. Good game, but very poor ads. Even Chrysler didn't come through this year. Depression seemed to be the key word this year.
I like the 2 Budweiser ads, the one with the lost puppy and the wolf and then the one about they make beer to drink and not sip on. The 100 year old Dodge ad was ok. As I'm sitting here I'm realizing how forgettable the rest were as I can't really remember them other than the the Nissan racing dad one and the other where the father is dropping his daughter off at the airport.
That was a really good ad. Got the attention of everyone in my house. Definitely let out a "what the hell" when it first started. Why can't we get ads this good all the time?
I thought the Dodge 100 years ad was the best, even though I don't like Dodge.
It was probably one of the best ads of the whole night. Funny and it certainly had your attention.

Budweiser seems desperate to get back their marketshare while attacking craft brews. Kind of funny.
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