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This weekend the sidewall of the front passenger side tire blew out, my first "experience" with the run flat. I was driving on smooth pavement and all of a sudden the car starts shaking, so I pull over and see a huge bulge on the side of the tire, though I still had full air pressure. I continued driving, knowing I had the run flats, after 5 minutes or so the buldge blew and I lost all air pressure, but had no change in the drivability. Pretty neat how the tire works, I assume I may have had control issues if it were a normal tire as I was on the highway when it blew.

Either way, I have the extended tire and wheel warranty through my dealer, they will replace my tire at no cost! They gave me a loner, a comparably equiped 2015 ATS with the luxury package like mine. The biggest difference is I have the 18 inch rims while the loaner has the 17's.

What a big difference the increase in torque and recalibrated steering make! I wasn't expecting to be able to feel such a difference in the power, but it is noticable, especially at partial throttle, it really accelerates with authority (and it's not like my 2013 is a slouch). It feels much more immediate than mine, where I feel like mine sometimes needs a good downshift to get going, this just goes.

The steering is also noticable - it is much firmer. I could see older folks not liking it as much as it required more effort, but I really like it!

I also mentioned it the other week when I had an ATS loaner to repaint my front quarter panel - what a difference in ride quality between the 17 and 18 inch rims. Were I to buy a new ATS I'd probably go with the 17's - they are a lot more comfortable on the cratered highways I drive on.

Any questions? I wont have the car long - got it this morning and will pick my car up at the end of the day.
How much effort does it take with the firmer steering?
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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