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2014 Sierra 1500 Rough Shifting Transmission?

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Is anyone having any issues with their transimisson like hard shifting and or banging when up or downshifting? This truck seems to have a rough shift pattern that reminds me of something with heavy mileage. My 2004 Tahoe was much smoother
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Mine occasionally will shift a bit firm, more firm than the 6 speed in my Yukon. Next oil change I'll check to see if they can lube the splines on the driveshaft and see if there's any tech bulletins on a software update. I have the 6.2L.
The OP doesn't even state what engine they have or the miles. It is common for very new trans to be a bit firm since the clutches are not glazed and it has not "learned" your driving style.
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5.8 and 8k on the mileage
5.8 and 8k on the mileage
You mean 5.3L?

Must not be broke in yet, drive it another 92,001 and then we'll be able to fix it out of warranty.


Sorry for the sarcasm rcroff, seems GM is having all kinds of shifting and vibration issues with the 2014 - 2015 Silverado's & Sierra's.

Based on other owners; resolve is few and far between, it frustrates us all, not nearly as much as it frustrates you, but many on this board love to apologize for GM, they simply think you and your problem doesn't exist, 8,000 miles should be way more than enough for your truck to "learn" and "break-in".

I recommend taking it to your dealer and tell them exactly what it’s doing, you might get lucky, they might resolve your problem, either-way report back what they do and if it helped, you corrective action may help others.

Best of Luck,
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Mine only seems to do it when I punch it hard, then suddenly let off. Under that condition, it will occasionally shift hard instead of the silky smooth I'm used to. It's really not a problem. I haven't heard of any epidemic of shifting problems. I agree with Ed, take it in and be as specific as you can with the conditions associated with rough shifting.
I think the 6 SP is a fairly heavy duty trans, built to go the distance. Mine shifts heavier than my wife's Terrain 3.6 AWD, which is also a six speed. That said, it's usually very quiet, predictable and solid, even if it does strongly prefer the highest possible gear. I really like it.

Take it to the dealership, see if it really is abnormal.
Thanks for the comments. I will be taking it back for the mentioned issue.
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