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2014 Ram Hemi and 8 Spd Automatic

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Thanks to a lady who ran a light and hit my 2012 F150, i had about 4 weeks experience with a rental courtesy of the other party's useless (for other reasons) insurance company. I was glad to be getting a truck as replacement (had to fight the insurance company for that), but imagine my surprise when the Enterprise guy pulled up in a 2014 Ram Lone Star with a Hemi and the 8 spd automatic! Woo Hoo!

Overall, i loved the Ram, maybe even more than my F150. Since the Ram is shorter than the Ford, it was more manueverable in parking lots. The engine switching from 8 to 4 cylinder mode was almost imperceptable and the 8 speed general shifted logically. I generally averaged 20 MPG in mixed driving compared to 18.5 with my 5.0 F150. On the highway at 70-75 MPH, it would not be in the 4 cylinder mode and economy dropped to 19, which is comparable to my Ford at those speeds. When driving a straight 50-55 MPH, the Ram would get in excess of 25-26 MPG according to the on board lie-o-meter which i found amazing for a 5.7 V8. Powerwise, it was faster than my F150. My Ford has a 3.31 rear end and i suspect the Ram had something more aggressive because I've driven a Ford 5.0 with 3.73 gears and it was closer to the Ram in performance.

Intererior wise, the seats were comfy and roomy. The shift knob on the dash took some getting used too and definitely isn't my preference as I would prefer a traditional column shift. The radio also did not have a CD player, which i a taste of things to come. It did have USB plugs and a line in but I didn't use them.

If i were to buy today, i certainly would consider the Ram. My biggest concern in buying one would be the unproven durability of the 8 spd. Let me know if you have questions.

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Thanks for the review. I know a few different folks with the Hemi and 8-speed that thoroughly enjoy it. I've been in a Laramie CC and it is a very nice truck inside and out. If GM hadn't brought out a CC with 6.5' bed, I'd likely got the same in a Ram.
I should really take the time and check out the Ram in detail...I've never bothered, despite all the possible press they are getting.
I didn't give the Ram much thought until last year, I saw a black Sport that just had the right look and made me stop at the dealership and check it out. I spend several months getting things in order, and checking out all the trucks, and ultimately settling on buying a new Ram Sport 4X4 Crew Cab. I couldn't love this thing any more than I do. The 8 speed shifts smooth, pretty much undetected. Passing gear is great, it takes off quickly, but the 3.92 gears help with that too. I'm not really worried about the trans though, got myself the lifetime warranty for $1200 that covers everything mechanical and electrical pretty much, so that made it a no-brainer for me.
I haven't driven the new GM trucks, but I've driven the new Ram a number of times and the outgoing F-150. The Ram is hands down the superior product IMO. The tech is so easy to use, the interior is ruggedly elegant and the best here, the Hemi/8AT is great (even the Pentastar/ZF is impressive although I'd still go Hemi), etc. Plus the EcoDiesel is fun and efficient. The EB F-150 I drove was effortlessly powerful, rode well, was roomy, all of that. It does nothing badly, but nothing better than the Ram either aside from a bit of economy (I'm guessing). I'd like to see what I think of the new F-150, although with all of my review in mind I did not tow anything, off-road, or do any general truck-y things. So don't give me too much credit.
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