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2014 GMC/Chevrolet Block Heater ByPass

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2014 GMC/Chevrolet Block Heater ByPass

Block heater on these trucks won't kick in Until -18C/0F

Simply take the cap off, discard the jumbo watch battery thermostat thingy, and soldier a jumper between both contacts.

Lots of other forums discussing throwing a code because engine will be too warm.

Plugged it in at 10pm and left it plugged in until 10am Temperature outside at Startup was -6C/21F

The hottest part of the motor I could read with my temp gun was 17C/62F

NO CODES and I had heat within 1 minute.

I like my truck toasty warm and idling it everyday for 15 minutes is a waste of fuel. I still idle it for about 5 minutes. At least its easier on the motor upon startup.

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This is unnecessary. There's no need to plug it in if the temp is above -18.

I spoke to a number of people who've done this only to have engine codes pop up causing the truck to run funny.

As a dealer, we do not recommend this.
Completely agree. This isn't a 1980s Chevy with dinosaur oil.

Also you're probably doing more harm than good by idling it rather than just driving off after 20-30 seconds.
What harm does idling do? I've never understood this; maybe it does, but isn't idling asking less of the engine than accelerating? Not saying it makes sense to idle for a long time, but I'm just curious what damage idling causes.
Old truck or new truck my motor is going to last longer then yours period. Why warm up a diesel engine then? This is no diesel but it is still based on the same oil lubrication system of letting the oil get to the top and end and flowing freely after warmup. My truck is now toasty warm when its -10 in the morning after 5 minutes of idling and not 15 minutes. Starts easier too.

The 1st night it was cold and it wasn't plugged in, it actually started slower and I got a small engine clatter for 1 second.

My driveway exits right away onto a 60 km/h road and 50% of the time you have to get right into that traffic fast.

Its now been 3 days of plugging the truck in all night and no codes at -5C startup in the morning.
There is for sure a reason for the -18C stat. I will discontinue plugging it in, if gets any warmer out.
Doesn't seem very safe. Hope you don't park your truck in a garage.
Well, I actually park my truck in my living room...........? Safe? I stated my driveway in my last post.
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well, i actually park my truck in my living room...........? Safe? I stated my driveway in my last post.
I have the remote start feature on my nox.10 minutes before I have to take my granddaughter to school I start the engine,heat comes on,as does the seat heat.That is what the remote start is for,even says in manual.What damage? Thats just nonsense...
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