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2014 Buick Regal...What a lemon...

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The wife purchased a 2014 Buick Regal eAssist back in July of last year. Everything was great until we started having electrical problems back in Nov 2014 with only 3482 miles on our car. The problem started with a message stating that car going into battery saver mode. HUH? Well while my wife was driving home with it, it started shutting down different systems. First the heated seats and steering wheel, then the heater, then the radio and in the middle of a turn the electric assist power steering. Needless to say this scared the crap out of my wife. Took to dealer and they replaced the battery. didn't solve the problem. Two days later while driving home the exact same problem again, including the loss of the power steering. the dealer this time cleaning all the connections. That didn't solve the problem either. Around four days later while driving home the same problem again, this time she drove straight to the dealer. This time the dealer keep our car for two weeks trying to solve the problem. they keep and drove our car to try and make ti do the same thing again. After being there for the first week the dealer called and said they had the problem fixed and I could come pick it up at four o'clock. well about a half hour later the dealer called back and said that while testing the lights came on again. They had the car for the second week when they and said it was fixed. Okay after they put over 400 miles on our car in two weeks, I pick up the car. Well that evening while driving out to dinner more lights come back on. Called the dealer but with it being the week of Christmas most of their Tech's were off and couldn't get in until after the first of the year. During this process they have replaced the battery, different modules and sensors, cleaned cables ect. Now my wife is afraid of driving the car because she's not sure when or if the power steering will go out on her. Now I've contacted the BBB Auto Line with my complaint and forward all my paperwork just as my owner manual stated. Well so far they talked with me and haven't got any response back from GM. We fell GM should in good faith buy back the vehicle because of safety concerns with the vehicle and in accordance with the Lemon Law, but so far no favorable response from GM. Guess I'll just have to contact a Lawyer to get any type of settlement out of GM. Looks like with this experience that this will be my LAST GM vehicle. Pure Bull**** !!
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Sorry for all the trouble you're having. I didn't know that Regals could come with eAssist - guess my eyes are always on the Regal GS. Has the dealer offered to take this car back and give you another (new) Regal?
I was told to follow the instructions in the owners manual. It says to contact BBB AutoLine and not go thru dealer. I forgot to say that the traction control went out along with the ABS modules. It's just been one after another electrical problem. Plus no one could answer me if there could be a air bag malfunction when these electrical problems come up. Iknow as a firefighter that the first thing we did on a accident scene if the air bags did not deploy was the cut the power source. The air bags would deploy at times when we were trying to extricate patients from vehicles if we didn't. No one could answer my question if that could happen when driving when these electrical problems would come up when the wife was driving. She really loved the car until this started.
I'm sorry to hear that you have had all these issues. It sounds to me like GM needs to either send their best technical experts from the factory to fix the car or replace the car. My dad bought a 2014 base Regal turbo in April 2014 and no issues although very low mileage to date. I have a 3 month old 2015 Verano love it and no issues. I also believe the non eAssist Regals have been above average in reliability. wishes
sounds to me like a an alternator/E assist inverter fault that is "killing" the cars main power systems
as far as I know power steering is one of the systems under no condition to be shut off during operation (outside of an internal failure)
I was told to follow the instructions in the owners manual. It says to contact BBB AutoLine and not go thru dealer.
I find that interesting it is in the manual
I assume it is there to "protect" GM from then bad publicity they would get over a "rogue" dealer/ incompetent dealer
First, welcome to GMI retired firefighter.

Second, I think there's a GM troubleshooter somewhere at GMI.

Third, try 1-800-462-8782. I got a GM Case Manager there who apparently called the Buick dealer's (non) service department to attention and gave them some marching orders. Not suggestions. Their attitude went about face from "Hey they all do that!" to "Yessir, yessir, which boot shall we lick first sir?!" so he had some positive effect.

Fourth, I'd check the Lemon Law in your state and see if your number of visits, time at dealer, and unsuccessful outcome get you over the hump regarding LL repurchase.
The last thing one of these *******s wants to hear is "Hey boss! The attorney general's office is on the phone about that Regal we couldn't fix!"
Yes Sir, in the Warranty and owner assistance information it lays out a three step process to follow. It gives you the contact information and read sas follows. the BBB Auto Line Program is an out of the court program administered by the Better Business Bureaus to settle automotive disputes regarding vehicle repairs or the interpretation of the New Vehicle Limited warranty. It goes on the say how it works and so on. they have talked with me twice so far. They are proceeding according to the Lemon Laws for Illinois. Illinois states four times repair, 30 days out of service or a safety issue with the operation of the vehicle. It been in four time, out of service for 21 days so far and I believe the power steering going out while driving the vehicle is a Safety problem. BBB has 40 days to give you a answer, to which you can appeal or proceed in a different manner if you choose.
Thanks for all your input and information.
You should let the NHTSA know of your problem with the car.If enough people around the country is having similar problems that could trigger a recall.At the very least it will bring your vehicles problem to their attention.
Here's a link:
I do feel for you. My first new car was a 1989 Chevy Cavilier Z24. The computer would spontaneously fry itself, taking the engine, power steering and power brakes with it. Nothing like going around a corner and all of a sudden no power steering or brakes! This happened 8+ times in the 4 years I owned it, so I understand the feelings of anger you are having.

On the other hand, this is clearly one problem. Yes, you are frustrated as the dealer is having a hard time fixing the problem, but are they treating you well and with respect? I also have to say my father has the same car - bought it the first year it came out - was that 3 years ago(no eAssist though)? He's had ZERO problems with it. It's up to you and your tolerance to resolve the problem, but if they can solve it you could ultimately be very happy with the car! Can you give the car back to the dealer and tell them when they say it's fixed again that you want them to hold onto it for two more weeks to ensure the problem is resolved?
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First let me say thank you for the welcome to this forum. I have visited this forum a few times just looking thru the forums and reading. I've found a ton of useful information thru this site. The dealer has been pretty good with me no major problems and I feel for them because running down a electrical problem is no easy task and I understand that. But on the other hand being my wife's vehicle she is so afraid that she will have that power steering problem again. As I said before it happened yo her three times while driving and yes once while turning. I have owned just about all brands of GM vehicles over the years from Chevy, Olds, Pontiac, Buick, GMC trucks on so on. This is the first time I've ever had this sort of a problem such as this. You can always have little issues with any car and that's understandable. I guess my problem here is GM not willing to handle this problem according to the Lemon Law as the vehicle is a Safety problem. I purchased the Regal because I had read nothing but good reviews on the vehicle. My wife choose the eAssist model because of the MPG ratings. I believe it's that system that is causing all my problems with this vehicle. When the dealer had it for two weeks they did work with a GM tech advisor trying to solve the problem.
Thanks for the link to NHTSA, I'll give them a heads up with my vehicle and like you said maybe it will help someone else who may experience this sort of problem.
It's nice to be part of this type of forum where the individuals that respond to your post give you really good useful level headed advice, thanks again to everyone for their response.
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Welcome to GMI! Don't be bashful about posting your opinions on posted articles and topics! What other cars/trucks have you had over the years?
BlackGTP. Well I'm a baby boomer so I was lucky to grow up thru the muscle car era. My first car was a 1964 Nova SS 327V8 / 4 speed. From there I've had over the years Camaro's, Chevelle's, Nova's, El Camino's, Trans Am's, Hurst Olds, Buick Grand National, Monte Carlo, several different Trucks including, now I'm dating myself, a Chevy Luv and Corvettes. I sure I'm like everyone else who wishes they had some of their past cars back, I know I do. Currently we have the 2014 Regal, wife's car, my 2011 Chevy 1500 and our 2014 C7 Corvette, our play toy weekend get away car.
Nice! You are a little older than I, sadly my childhood was full of emission and fuel economy hp strangulation - I didn't have the fun cars being produced that you had! You guessed it, born in 1968 and have the 1970's as a basis! I learned to drive on my Dad's 1976 Chevy Monza (base model - 4 speed stick, AM only radio, no AC and hi/lo beam switch that was foot activated). As noted my first new car was a 1989 Cavalier Z24, then a 1994 Grand Prix GTP, then a 2002 Grand Prix GTP, 2008 Malibu LTZ V6 and now a 2013 ATS.

Been fun over the years to watch GM's go from uncompetitive to class leading. I remember back into the 1990's going from my girlfriends Audi A4 to my Grand Prix GTP. My Grand Prix GTP felt like such a POS next to the A4. Poor handling, crude engine, squeaks and rattles. My '02 GTP was much better, the Germans felt better than the GTP but not by leaps and bounds. By the time I got my Malibu LTZ I was married, my in-laws had a new Volvo V60 - all I could say was they spent $20,000 more for better quality interior materials, otherwise the engine and handling were very similar. Now in the ATS - winner!
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That is one reason I don't buy vehicles with all the latest electrical gadgets. I have worked at dealers of many makes and types of vehicles. Once a diode goes bad in the rectifier, and starts flowing AC current, anything turned on will get cooked. It doesn't matter if it is a motorcycle, snowmobile, Chevy, or Toyota. Good luck.
Yes sir BlackGTP. I'm a product from 1952, just a little older. At one time or another we had Camaro's and Firebird's parked side by side in our garage. My wife was a firebird fan. I originally had the wife looking at the ATS's but she didn't want to spend the extra money and like the Regal for just her work car. No complaints here because we already have to fun car parked in the garage. I can remember my dad teaching my mother how to drive in his Corviar Monza. He even pulled me behind it down the street in the snow on my sled was I was a kid. WOW couldn't even think about doing that nowadays.
What is the status of the car? Still having issues?

Or is it that your wife no longer feels safe driving it because of the previous issues?

FYI, once GM and or the dealer are informed your going the Lemon Law route, they will likely cease to have any interactions with you.

This forum as well as others are monitored by customer service specialist, be careful what info you post!
This seems like you could have it bought back under a Lemon Law but it's easiest to stay patient with your dealer...voice your complaints and concerns but stay half-decent with them
I find it curious that the one post pissed off posters almost without a doubt never use paragraphs
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I find it curious that the one post pissed off posters almost without a doubt never use paragraphs
Same person?
no it's just impossible to use "return" when you are doing this

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