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2009 Hybrid Escalade - Still Born ?

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Who knows if this rig will be sold?

No sign of it on the Cadillac website.
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This must be a bitter thing for GM. None of the full size 2 mode trucks are selling worth a tinker's-damn. All that money spent to develop a full size SUV that gets 20 MPG in town and no one cares. If they miscalculated it was probably in the "political" arena. If the 2 mode system gave these big trucks 30MPG it probably wouldn't have helped. No one wants to be seen driving anything of this size. The fact that it gets similar milage to a Camry doesn't seem to matter.
I drive my SUV as much as possible. I am still looking for one of those environ-idiots so i can drive the Expy up their butts.
Wow, you're tough. So you must be right. I'm sure doing that will help sales of SUV's and save the US auto industry.
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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