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These are some features from the bluetooth in the Cadilac STS. Can we assume most cars getting bluetooth such as the 2009 Malibu will have all the same available bluetooth features?

Features Supported by the General Motors Bluetooth Technology

- Make a call using digits, redial, or name tags (phone number saved to a nametag via voice recognition)

- Receive a call -- answer call, ignore call

- Call waiting

- Three-way calling -- initiated from the hands-free system

- Mute a call

- Send a number during a call – used when calling a menu-driven phone system

- Transfer a call – transfer call from vehicle to cellular phone and vice versa

- Voice pass-thru – allows access to the voice recognition commands on the cellular phone
Voice pass-thru sounds great. That would allow you to use your cell phone's voice tags or voice commands to voice dial your contacts without having to add or attempt to import your contacts into the car's own separate phonebook.

If it works the way I think it works, that will be a very neat feature that Toyota and Honda's bluetooth lack.
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