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Astra new models Saturn is OPEL in europe, so if you search for Opel in germany or maybe in sweden my country you will find info, soon.
In england it is named Vauxhall.
I have som Opel astra a station vagon and a 5 door one with a 1,6liter 4 cyl 103 hp very nice driving and pretty good milage, the other one is a turbo Diesel 1,3 liter 90 hp, 6 gear,
both are stickshift, because of better milage.
A diesel is like 55 miles per gallon and the 1,6 gasoline is about 25 percent less in milage.
This car is good in quality, much better then the wolksvagen Audi group, I know the wolksvagen has a very good engine but the electronic is hasseling a lot.
I have also Ford Focus with 1,6 gasoline engine, this car is my favorit, the only bad thing is the motors rpm it could have an extra gear.
So to the Astra Diesel, this car with the 1,3 is strong and good when it drives over 2000 rpm, under that is the engine like a dead fish. It seems that the germans have buildt the car for Autobahn, driving in 80-100 miles per hour in that speed is the Astra diesel excellent. it has around 2000 rpm at 60 miles.
If you are looking after an Saturn Astra diesel so will i strongly recommend the turbo 1,9 liter engine for better comfort, the milage is only some less then for 1,3.
1 - 1 of 53 Posts
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