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2008 Saturn Vue problems

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I posted some problems in another thread about our 2008 Saturn Vue Redline. In my last posting, I said that they were minor issues so I wasn't too upset about them..but the minor issues are starting to pile up really high.

I am in no way trying to bash GM...I have bought Toyotas and Hondas before, but I USUALLY buy brand new GM vehicles (2008 Vue, 2006 HHR, 2004 Vue, 2003 Cavalier, 2000 Trans Am, 1998 S10 pickup, 1994 Grand Am)....BUT I am thinking there may be a bigger problem here (a co-worker of mine who has a 4 cylinder Vue has had some 'fit and finish issues also)..and maybe it would have been a good idea to NOT build the Vue in Mexico but kept production here in the U.S. or in Canada instead.

Below is the list of problems I posted here before and have added the new ones at the bottom. The Vehicle has about 16,000 miles on it, and is about 9 months old. It is a 2008 Vue Redline.

-Shifter, when put into 'manual mode' stuck in the downshift position and didn't spring back.

-Front passenger seat headrest wouldn't raise/lower (fabric from the seat was stuck in the track)

-one of the screws holding the driver side visor came out (it fell to the floor when I was driving it after having the car for about a week)

-something was leaking into the grill. The big red Saturn logo in the middle of the front end grill was getting discolored. The dealership had to order a new part and replace it.

-a hose for the windshield washer fluid had to be replaced. About the time we got our first oil change, the washer fluid stopped working.

-The steering wheel has started "creaking" pretty badly when making a turn. Kinda sounds like something is rubbing when you turn the steering wheel (almost like 2 pieces of plastic or rubber rubbing together.)
-Follow up on steering issue..took it to the dealership when I had my last oil change, they told me they put some kind of oil in a part near the steerign wheel. The problem was solved for 24 hours..the very next day it started creeking and has been doing so since.

-the seat has just developed a bit of a tear where the threads are coming loose. I certainly am not a big heavy guy, so there isn't a lot of pressure that I put on it, yet that is an issue now.

-just 2 weeks ago, a ticking noise developed from the AC vents after running the AC unit (even when you turn the car off). If you put the vent controlls on defrost, it isn't there, but if it is on the vent or floor positions, it ticks.

-Below the headlight controlls, there is a small compartment with a spring loaded door. I sometimes keep my cell phone in there. I opened it the other day, and it opened but it wouldn't close (the spring seemed to come loose). I tried to open and close it a few more times, and then the entire compartment (it's about 2 inches by 3 inches) just fell right out and now there is a whole in the bottom part of the dash where it used to be.

Regarding major mechanical issues, the Vehicle has run nearly perfect...just all those little issues (that keep on coming) like no other car I have ever had...have me thinking that once the warranty is up, we'll probably be trading it in and going with something else.

Sorry for the rant, as I said, I can be critical of GM on here, but I still generally support GM and buy more GM cars than any other brand....just I am getting so frustrated that I had to post this here as a way to vent.
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It's a good chance that your car is a lemon? Thank goodness for the excellent dealer service at Saturns.
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