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2008 Malibu V6 Smoke

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Last week I purchased a '08 Malibu 2LT with the 3.6L V6. It had 5 miles on the odometer when I bought it and it now has 474. When I started it yesterday from a cold start, a large volume of smoke came out of the tail pipes. It smelled like burnt oil which lasted for about 10 seconds. I'm 100% positive it was not condensation burning. This is the second time it has done this. Any suggestions? I'll probably take it back to the dealer this week. This is very frustrating since I just traded in an '03 Traiblazer LTZ that had problem after problem.
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my g5 used to do that. put now with 17k on it the only smoke that comes out the tailpipe is when its cold the normal smoke. i wouldint worry about it. give it till its first oil change and see what it does.
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