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pretty good race, but seemed like racers were a bit cautious this year. and plus the heat (about 90F) didnt help to make experience any better. The final round was pretty good though, as Samuel Hubinette (Dodge Viper) had to go two rounds in order to beat Chris Foresberg (Nissan 350Z with the Titan V8). As for the other GM racers, Rhys Millen (Pontiac Solstice GXP 400+ HP ECOTEC) broke his engine and could not get it fixed. I talked to him to find out what happened:D. His teammate Daijiro Yoshihara (Pontiac GTO) had a little mishap and was beat by Tanner Foust (Nissan 350Z) who finished 3rd. Conrad Grunewald (Corvette C5) finished in the top 8. His car is great cause it is so awesomely loud. Ryan Tuerck (stock Pontiac Solstice GXP) was doing good but he needs more power in order to keep up with the faster cars. And Darren McNamara (Saturn Sky with 710 HP V8 and right hand drive) did good his first round, but struggled the next cause his car is just too fast. yes, too fast, he just about crashed his car into the other competitor. my friend got a few pics and i will load them up as soon as i get them, if you people are interested.
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