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2008 Ford F450 Superduty

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I had a crewcab 450 2wd with the 6.4 and it was the biggest piece of junk I have ever owned.. I could not get any better than 8mpg without pulling and put a catback, cai, gutted the dpf filter and it gave me 1mpg out of it.

I could not wait to get rid of it.. I will never buy another Ford in my life again.

That 6.4 diesel is junk.
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I love hearing all the guys (and there are lots) who bought F-450's complain about fuel economy. Most only realy need an F-250, but want the cool factor of the F-450 (mines bigger than yours) and then can't understand why it gets bad fuel economy. Lets see, 4.30 gears with a diesel and a 5 speed transmission, what else would it do? All the new diesels are down on fuel economy, Heck compare a 2009 Jetta (EPA 30 City, 41 Highway) to a 1985 Escort Diesel (36 City, 46 Highway under new EPA standards, 43/52 on original window sticker), but most are going from 3/4 or 1 ton and moving up. Most of the old trucks have 3.55 or 3.73 gears and are built before the Ultra low sulpher diesel emisions change that hurt fuel ecomomy on all diesels. I haven't been around any Dodges, but I can verify (by their owners complaints) that the mid 07 MY Duramax gets the same fuel economy as the 6.4L does.
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Well first off I needed the 450 for work, and I love guy's like you making excuses for a pathetic engine like the 6.4.. no truck or car in 2008 should be getting 8mpg regardless of the size. I have a good buddy of mine who bought a new 250 and it gets 10mpg.. still a joke. I have had many cars and trucks over the years and that 450 was the worst. I have spoken with Dodge and Chevy owners and they ALL were getting better mileage then me.. they all had 1 ton crew cab trucks. If your Duramax is getting 8mpg.. you have a problem with it...
Strange, I know of several Duramax owners with 2500's that would trade for their old trucks in a heartbeat due to the low fuel ecomomy (all tell me single digits normaly with highs of 12). These are single wheel trucks. You compare your mileage to Dodge and Chevy 1 ton trucks, but you don't have a 1 Ton, that would be an F-350 which would have 3.73 gearing and thereby better fuel economy.

The F-450's have been out for years in Cab/Chassis and have always gotten poor mileage due to the gearing. I know of one that runs around here and gets 7 MPG, but its got 4.30 gears and a flatbed full of wood planking. It also has a 7.3L Diesel, so I guess it should be doing 30 MPG.
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