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2008 chevy malibu power locks

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To Whom It May Concern,

I am an owner of a Chevy Malibu Lt. My power locks are not functioning. Three doors ( two rare doors and front passenger door ).
This vehicle is less than 10 yrs. I have another vehicle 2004 the power locks are operating. I took the Malibu into the dealer to check it out. I was informed that the cost would be 1,080.00 plus tax.

I need to have the doors repaired. I have three grandchildren, one 3 , one 5, one 5mos. I do not want an emergency to occur where
we could not get out of the vehicle because the doors are not operating.

I am 66 yrs. of age. I am on a fixed income. I am hoping GM would consider picking up the tab for the repairs. I thank you if you can.
Please contact me informing me of your decision.

Thank You,
Ms. J. Mckesey
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