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I think the design vocabulary is generally right - the G6 and the Solstice point the way for Pontiac's new lean and muscular look and you've nicely incorporated this into your concept.

The problem I see is proportions -- it is proportioned like a FWD or AWD car. The hood is short, the cowl is pulled forward. But, the GTO is a traditional V8, RWD car and it's architecture should reflect that - a longer hood and some meat along the rear fender area.

While most GTOs didn't quite have the long hood, short deck look of the Firebird, they had longer hoods, hungry-looking grills and a "coke-bottle" waist that gave them some heft around the rear fenders. If you can play with the proportions of your concept to do the same, I think you might find something that people instintively feel is a GTO.
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