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2007 Chevy Trailblazer - Radio just locked up

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Hey guys, I am hoping to get some help here as I have exhausted all I know to do....

I purchased a 2007 Trailblazer 3 years ago and have fallen in love with the sound system. Here the factory specs and product number of the system I have...

15927261 AM/FM/CD6 2003-06 GM TRUCKS AND SUV

This the stock radio and it also comes with OnStar and XM, which I didn't activate. I had purchased an AUX system to play my Ipod through the dash from BestBuy about 4 months after the purchase of the vehicle....everything has been working well for 2 and a half years.....

I cranked it up the other day and noticed the lights were out on the radio. I pressed the power button and nothing happened. No power, no lights....but the red security light was flashing. I started to look up solutions on the internet and found a quick unlock option by pressing 5, the forward button and the power button but it was only unlocked for 5 minutes before turning off again.

I searched Youtube to see if anyone else had this problem and ran across some videos where you can remove the radio, open the radio and pull out a chip that disables the anti-theft system and returns the radio to working order....but they were on RDS systems from different chevy cars and from the chipboard was obviously different in mine. I am afraid to guess and just rip out a chip but apparently the radio is useless now anyway because I can't seem to unlock it.

I am trying to avoid the diagnosis fee of $120 bucks for them to tell me I need it recoded and matched back up with my VIN....I can get a really nice radio for that price. Has anyone else had this issue and what fixes have I missed?

I know someone will probably ask, "what happened to cause the radio to go off?" The only way I can explain it is this....I came home from work on Wednesday, listening to my iPod. Turned the car off, went inside and slept. The next morning, I started the car and the radio wasn't working...Thats about it.

Thanks for reading and taking the time to help.
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A friend has a 05 trail blazer with a 15104155 radio that is a single disk version of yours and it did the same thing and I took it into the radio shop at work for him and they said it is NOT worth repairing as it is so badly soldered that it would be Hours and Hours to repair
I ended up installing an aftermarket head unit and he has NOT looked back since
sorry it is NOT what you want to hear BUT you can try buying one from flee-bay
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