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Originally posted by markform@Jan 30 2004, 05:02 AM
I think DTS will do best as a big American car with flashy, distinctive styling. 

I know 7 people who own the current model Deville - and I think every one of them could afford an S Class or similar - but choose the Deville because they don't like the 'restrained' styling of BMW, MB and Lexus.  In fact, 2 people spent about $10,000 extra to load their Devilles up with Vogue tires, cloth roof, extra chrome down the side and aftermarket wheels.  Talk about flashy styling - reminds me of the early 80's Eldo Biarritz - worth the money if you're looking for visual impact!

So yes, keep the DTS a big car - but make sure it's distinctive looking in an American sort of way.  Making it look like an imported car would ruin it.

Most importantly - Deville is the #1 car for people who drive over 25,000 miles a year, and trade every year or two. This is a very important market - places like the midwest, Texas and Florida where people drive alot - markets where Deville is very popular. These types of buyers want a smooth ride, large trunk and quiet interior - take that away, and you'll drive them into the hands of Lincoln.
DeVille styling is more flashy than BMW??? It's (intentionally) the most conservative Cadillac, (from the factory, without the urban-makeovers you're mentioning.)

The car exists primarily to appease the older folks, otherwise the STS could do the job. Big overlap with cars like Buick Park Ave, but the Deville has remained more contemporary than the Buicks.

Older folks seem to be into the more conservative lines, so I would expect the next DTS to be rather conservative next to CTS (I mean, even more conservative than the STS).

I understand Cadillac's desire to use alpha-numerics, but the name DeVille has good brand equity. Is it more important to create a theme (CTS, STS, DTS) than to take advantage of name recognition? Seems like the older folks would prefer the name Deville over DTS, but I could be wrong. I still have this feeling the recent success of Cadillac is like a blind squirrel finding a nut, but time will tell.
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