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2006-2007 Malibu SS

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Who has one? If you do, or have driven one, do you like it? I am considering the sedan for my next vehicle, but its gonna be tough to track down that burple colored one... :dro:

How terrible is the insurance going to be? Im hoping its not going to be too bad, since its a 4 door, 3.9 v6, etc... How much would I expect to pay for one with, say, 30,000 miles?

If I do get one, its going to be stored in the winter, as the 225/50's would be terrible in the snow.

Any insight? Thanks!
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my dad was about to buy me one, so i had some seat time in one. well the engine is plenty powerful, and brakes werent to shabby. what was really cheap was the interior. the day my dad was going to buy me it when we pulled the door the whole panel moved with it. by looks its nice but the interior lacks.
That is very unusual. The interior on these cars, while not the most luxurious looking, is top notch in quality as in how it is put together. My car's interior is really solid feeling.
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