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2006-2007 Malibu SS

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Who has one? If you do, or have driven one, do you like it? I am considering the sedan for my next vehicle, but its gonna be tough to track down that burple colored one... :dro:

How terrible is the insurance going to be? Im hoping its not going to be too bad, since its a 4 door, 3.9 v6, etc... How much would I expect to pay for one with, say, 30,000 miles?

If I do get one, its going to be stored in the winter, as the 225/50's would be terrible in the snow.

Any insight? Thanks!
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That's odd. I had a 2004 LT V6 sedan, and the interior was actually built very well, with excellent fit and finish. The design and materials were beat upon by the media, and the 2008 is a big improvement, but there was nothing wrong with the way the 04 was put together, other than a few folks wanting caviar at fishstick prices.

Now, the steering was an issue. The electric power steering (changed to hydraulic on all the V6's in some later model year) had to be replaced because it had an issue where it would be disabled while driving, then reset when you restarted the car (happened at random, and the car still could be operated, but at low speeds got scary).

And the looks- at first the 04 didn't do a whole lot for me, especially on the exterior, and extremely especially on the front end, with that chrome bar running across. I liked most of our dark blue metallic car but the front (hid the creases in the side that also bothered me at first). Now that we've traded out of ours I find that the front end styling has actually grown on me too, but it sure took a long time. And the SS' ALL look extra sharp, inside and out, though I still prefer my 08 even more.

I can also say that the 04 was lighter as well as much thriftier than my 08. While I expect that the 3.9 will be a bit thirstier than the 3.5 (non-VVT) the 04 had (34-38 mpg highway during our ownership), it should still be a bit easier on gas than my 3.6l, even though I also have a 6AT behind the new car. And despite the EPA rating of only 26mpg highway for my 08, I have been seeing 30+ pretty consistently (last two closer to 29, but that was 90+ temps, 3+ passengers, A/C running, 70mph highway, lots of light-to-light in town 90/10 city/hwy driving).

Lastly, I've seen both the blue and the white SS sedans locally. The white one several times, and I wouldn't hesitate to have bought one had I found it in good condition when I was shopping for my 08.

get the SS, I have had my steering shaft do the same thing, I got over 40,000 on the first set of brakes and I dont drive it easy...

I have had it flashed, a CAI, some other little things and it Fin GOES.....the old SC GTP Grand Prix dont stand a chance, nor do GT mustangs.....I just smile as my kids wave in the back seat watching TV.....

As for fit and finish, it is top notch over the G6, or old Mailbus, and dont compare a 04 with a 3.5 to a 3.9, the 3.9 are Push rod Technoligy, tons of low end torque.....the 3.5 used electric assist stering ALLLL SS will be hydraulic, its sharper, and handles the extra power and torque better..

The SS is not really comparable to any 08 of non SS malibu, it kinda stands alone, it will roast any other malibu, and has features different frm the rest..from suspension, to steering, to stereo...

I wold go to an 08 just based on 'class' appeal, for sporty driving with some room for the family, take the SS....

As for some other posts on here, Premium gas, Mine will do MUCH better milage on the highway with premium even running it at 140-160kph, I still maintain about 35 MPG, this is Canadian so you have to convert, is it worth it, not really cause it more expensive, HOWEVER you will FEEL a diffrence in the car running premium....

The biggest downfall to the SS is the 4 speed, that is the MAIN reason I had mine flashed, first trip on the highway it topped out at 155kph, not that it would not go faster it was 120kph it would rev almost I changed a few things in the flash, ( I work at a dealership and had the tech do it all)....anyhow, now it has longer legs so to speak, sharper shifts, more torque and power, and hauls ass..

all this being said, to be honest it is thirsty in town, but again I DRIVE mine, highway no worsethen any other full sixe car witha V6

1st gear It gets 80kph
2nd about 130kph
3rd.....hits 165kph...
4th...not sure ran out of road....but it doesn not govern anymore either.

anyhow take the Ss it is a awsome car, The only other consideration I may give would be the new G8...the G6 is well not a great did after all replace the grand am.
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