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I wonder if GM has plans for one of these "super little sports cars" itself. When I was living in New Mexico my '02 Z28 got beat by a Mitsu Evo. When I was lined up at the line I thought it was a joke. He beat me off the line (AWD) helped him, and with the turbo pulled a low 13 second pass. My best that day was a 15.015 (bear in mind that is at 5000 ft. elevation and self-aspirated vehicles (like the Z28) really take a hit at elevation. I could probably pull a low 13 second pass myself at, or near, sea-level. It was embarrasing getting beat by a Mitsu, you know, and I'm driving a Chevrolet Z28. <_<

I hope, if GM brings back the Camaro, that it can compete.
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