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jesus, you guys act like the hope of all that is GM rides on a mini van? Other then the stow-away seating which they lack, the van isn really that bad. It looks like an SUV and I think that will play twards it advantage. People dont want to be caught in a mini van, but if it looks like a SUV with the room of a mini van then thats cool. Mini van people arent all that too picky. They dont say "well hunny, this van doesnt have a quad turbo v12, we should go look at another one..." I mean they want good quality car for a good price. If they have a mini van, most chances they have 3 or more kids and all about teh same age. Entertainment value, feel, cargo space and quiet is what the Van needs to be. Not some rip snorting, super van you guys seem to want? I dont understand what the disapontment is? It looks like the rest of them, yeah... but look at dodge and chryster... they are the best selling mini vans year after year after year and there vans have been the same exact thing since the begining. Maybe Pontiac should add some plastic sidding to theres so that its different? :rolleyes: Its a mini van for christ sakes, not a halo car.
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