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Originally posted by TaHoE@Nov 3 2003, 10:01 PM
This is a little hasty, but I just got so excited seeing this Spy Shot, hey its better than nothing, and the general shape is there.  About 80-85% of the body lines are intact off of the spy shot.  The mirrors are directly from the test mule as is the rear window pillar.  I couldnt find a decent grille so I made one:

Some things I noticed when I made it:

-Its pretty similar to the spy shot shown on GMI a few months ago, but Lutz was definitely here.
-This car has HUGE wheels, with 9-spokes and a front facia similar to that of the CTS-V
-The Hood is massive
-Even though the door handles arent there, on the spy shot you can tell they are just like the SRX's showing that Cadillac is responding to the complaints about not having Euro-Grab-Handles on the side of its body
-There is a chrome strip going from the C-pillar to the A-Pillar between the glass and the body, very classy touch
-The Rear tailights look like they were transplanted right off of the CTS
-The Tailights are similar to the XLR's but slightly taller and thinner (somethere between the SRX and CTS).
-There are no Amber front indicators in the lower facia like in the SRX and XLR.
-In the CTS the where the bumper meets the body there is a L shaped gap between the body and the bumper, the STS has a horizontal body gap.
-This car had a ludicrous amount of cammo on it!
-The Mirrors are very similar to the CTS's
-The STS has A LOT of ground clearance.
-The STS has an amber turning signal on the side of the front bumper AND on the Fender...Very Euro!
-The STS is softer than the CTS but not as soft as the Sixteen, right where I like it.
245-45 18 tires
Front Fascia does have 2 lamps in it under the headlamps.
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