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I concur with your assessments.

The car looks great from the outside but the interior is terroble.

My dad bought a Nissan Altima, and while it looks like crap, the car is SUPER-ROOMY! I sould completely stretch my legs in the passenger seat while the rear passenger had more than enough space. I'm not that tall, but at almost 6 feet, that's quite an acomplishment.

The Nissan's interior is also pretty cheap. Annoying rattles (because of their pitch) destroy the driving experience... You never find where they are. The thing is, even with all this, and despite the fact that the altima interior is, for the most part brutally ugly... It's much more pleasant to sit in than the Grand Prix.

I understand wanting to be sporty.

But the Buick Regal GS (of yore, not todays) was plenty sporty, but it was also mad comfortable inside too.

I was disappointed by the GP's interior space. To the point where the previous GP seemed a little better, and much better in the back.
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