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I did not intend to buy a 04 GTP Comp G but am very glad to have it now. We had an 1997 SSEI 40Th anniversery Bonnie. It was a good car just not sporty and felt bigger than it was.

The GP drives and handles great, ride is firm but not harsh. For a front driver it handles the power well but I still will be happy for a RWD in the future.

As for the interior the seats are great up front back are average, not as bad as some make them out to be. Cup holders who cares, it keep people from drinking in my car and that is fine with me. You want cup holders buy a mini van.

The dash is laid out well but the painted silver panels around the shifter look cheap they need to be made of real aluminum to look right.

Price is the best part, when you can get a $32,000 car for $23,728 that makes this car a major value.

On mods the sky is the limit. On guys are turning 12 and 11 sec 1/4 miles with rockers, pulleys, exhaust, headers, etc. With only a PCM change you can do 13's. The only weak spot is the tranny, the PCM responds to the timing being stepped back at the shift points to prevent warranty Issues.

I have to sum up this car as what many magazines have called it the best handling FWD sedan in America. Just some minor interior upgrades would make a differance.

On space on the inside, I am 5' 11" and I fit with room to spare. This is a sport sedan not an Park Ave it just not a car for everyone. It is not my faters Oldsmobile. As for room for cargo, I can carry a 9' ladder at 143 mph with the trunk shut, so it works for me.

To sum this up I was ok with this car when we bought it [the wife like it].
Now the longer whe have it the more I love it. Also the build quality is the best I have ever had from GM To this point no defects or flaw of any kind and paint with out any flaws. Dollar for dollar this is a best buy.

Only some minor things I would change, but I would buy this car again in a heart beat. It should last me till the new RWD GP arrives.
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