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Originally posted by laserwizard@Jun 29 2004, 10:10 PM
Lot's of new products coming out of GM. Unfortunately not one of them is a great product.
1) i think more would agree that the CTS is attractive than ugly. the current buick design is fine for buick, but cadillac has some visual oomph that no other north american vehicles have. and few international ones do.

2) G6 shouldn't be considered? fine, if your reasoning is that it's not out yet. but how the G6 can be considered a horrible choice is beyond me. it will have three impressive engines, a 6-speed trans option, and three body styles. and it's worlds ahead (style and content-wise) than the well-recieved car it replaces.

3) outboard motor? not sure what you're talking about there. i've driven one, and it outshines the tribute (which i drove back to back). a slick 5-speed trans backs that up. style is always personal, but it's on the aggressive end of the sport-cute group for sure.

4) these don't appear to be ground-breaking trucks, aside from the novel (and i consider that a good thing) 5-cylinder engine. again, style seems there, and i'm on the side that thinks the interior is well executed (with the exception of ugggggly seat fabrics).

5) currently horrible products? 5-star crash rating and best fuel economy aren't ignorable. the interior is probably the lowest point, and that's being addressed with the CSV's. they won't be class leading for sure, but ford spent a whole lot more redesigning the freestar and are still way in the back of the pack.

6) i know little about trucks and nothing about engines. there's no definite winner in the full-size truck category, so i'll assume in some measurables GM has the competition beat.

7) again, i really know nothing about specific engines. but the upcoming 3.9L sounds A-okay on paper, as do most of the caddy engines. the fuel economy out of the imapla and malibu motors is very impressive. ecotec seems like it's a very sturdy engine with many applications.

dunno... of the GM vehicles available for 2004 the ones listed by GMi seem like pretty good choices to me. hating them all simply because they're GM is no better than loving them all simply because they're GM. if GM doesn't have great products coming out, then who does? ford 500 and freestyle really catch your attention? 300C is impressive, but pacifica hasn't registered on the radar. neither has durango. or the minivans, according to sales figures. toyota has the... ummm... okay but honda will give us the... oh... hmmmm... guess the hyundai sonata in the spy shots is the vehicle to watch!
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