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2002 hd 2500 duramax completely dead

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went to go to work this morning all electrical completely dead, keyless entry dead, chimes dead, lights dead, ignition wont turn over dead, nothing works, checked batteries they are good
anyone have a clue on where to start trouble shooting?
worked fine yesterday, this happened overnight in my driveway??

oh yea 2 days ago i took out instrument cluster because odometer and prndl went dead, found loose transistor looking thing re-soldered it, re-installed instrument cluster everything worked great, odometer and PRNDL light back on worked great for last 2 days no issue of any kind then this morning completely dead, nothing works, but batteries are good??

any ideas?

Thank you
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I have a 2002 2500HD with the 6.0 engine and have had the same issue. In my case the starter relay was bad a couple times and I eventually found that one of the wires to the starter was loose and draining the battery. It's worth checking but given you were just meddling with the electrical system a couple days ago I would bet your problem is there.
I believe there is a fusible link in the BATT positive wire that is prone to corrosion
check for power at the back of your ALTERNATOR and/OR starter as those are constantly powered directly from the batteries
I also believe there is a MegaFuse on the fire wall on the right side for connecting the 2 batteries together
ok got home this evening tried FOB it worked everything works fine started right up Go Figure ???

maybe it was water from rain last night, never had an issue with rain or moisture ever before and i have had this truck for several years

how does it go from completely dead, no chimes, no lights, not turning over to working perfectly ???

anyone have an idea of what could have happened ?

Concerned that i will get stranded somewhere if i do not figure it out HELP i am completely stumped

Thank You
the problem was super simple, in fact I fell pretty stupid, but it was corrosion between contact on the positive battery terminal on the main battery and it was slightly lose, cleaned it up (Both batteries) tightened it all up and it cranks over like it should and does with brand new fully charged batteries

great reminder for me to start with the simple and basic first when trouble shooting
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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