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I have a 2002 Chevy suburban with a 5.3. Last year while hunting in New Mexico on a rocky road in the wilderness, the engine almost dies and stumbles at less than 200 rpm. I turn the key off and attempt restart. It does,but only stumbles at 200 rpm. Turn the key off and attempt restart and it does like nothing had ever happened. All guages reading normal. It repeated this 4 or 5 times during the 18 mile trip back to camp. We were at about 4,00 ft elevation. Must be fuel filter, fuel pump, bad ground, water in gas, or dirty gas. Took it to Carlsbad to Chevy dealer and explained problem. No codes set. Changed fuel filter. Tech said no water and was not dirty. Fuel pressure checked ok. Grounds all tight. Refueled with 92 octane gas. Headed back to camp. Quits on me several times on way to camp. We park it and hope it makes it home 600 miles at end of hunt.
Head home, event reoccurs 5 or 6 times on the way home. Go to local Chevy dealer and explain problem. No codes set. Cannot find any problem.
Event reoccurs again one month later. Spend alot of time under vehicle looking for anything. Find the wires going to oxy sensor pinched in body. Cannot make engine repeat occurance by shorting or grounding these wires. Correct open pinched wires. Event does not occur for 9 months and about 20,000 miles. Fixed?
Go to New Mexico last week. Drive 550 miles and event happens pulling up a long paved hill. We were at about 6,00 ft elevation. Had filled again with 86 octane altitude gas. Parked it in hopes that it would take us home.
Started home, about 250 miles into trip the event repeated and did so about 4 or 5 again.

Consistent things that happens during event are the engine shuts down to about 200 rpm stumbling, can turn key off and engine will restart with normal performance, even doing 70 mph place tranny in neutral, turn key off, and restart and go on.

I need help to find problem.

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I read your post today after the same thing happened to me to day driving to work.

My car is a 2002 Saturn 2.2L LW200 wagon. Same exact description of what happened to you. Oddly enough, I live in New Mexico too.

Driving to work today, my car just died and I was doing 55, no horsing around, just normal driving, day is not too hot, not too cold ~60 degrees.

When it died, it was like all power was disconnected from the vehicle, no throttle response, the instruments died like the key was off.

I pulled off the road but just before, I pushed in the clutch, the engine immediatly stopped. But before turning off the road, I let the clutch out as the steering got too tight.

Just as I let out the clutch, the cluster came back on, like starting the car, a sea of lights swept over the gauges and the engine fired up like nothing had ever happened!

While this is a different engine than yours, it has identical symptoms.

*Please note my SES light is on. That came on about two weeks ago when the car was running fine, went to start it the next day. It took forever to start and it felt like it was running on two cylinders when it did.

*One other note, I've owned this car for almost two years and whenever I take my foot off the gas, the headllights dim at night and come right back up. It has done this for two years with no other problems. Same battery, charging OK. Grounds are all ok. Battery connections tight.

Went to a recycler and got a new (one piece) coil assy & ignition module. That fixed it right up. Checked my codes and had a PO300, a very generic misfiring engine. Code cleared and never came back. Now though, there is a code something about the Cat is not working. Same mileage as before ~32 average.

The car has been running fine up until today, very weird and very disconcerting.

I wish I could trade all these modern cars for my 66 283 Chevelle. 200,000+ miles. Always reliable save for a new fuel pump every 50,000 miles!
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