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2001 monte SS ....Dead????

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Hey guys, new to this forum, and thought I would run this by you. Here's the deal...2001 Monte SS 3.8L V6, car is completely dead, battery is good, pulled one from my fathers truck in the driveway to make sure, hook up battery, get in car, turn key, check engine light comes on but that is it, won't turn over, no other lights, no horn , headlights, nothing, DEAD!! Getting frustrated, because I like the car, but it is just sitting in my fathers driveway, it's going to rot into the ground if I don't do something soon, any help would be appreciated. I suspect a bad BCM, but would like to hear all opinions.
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Check any fuses marked BCM/PCM/ECM.

Fuses could be in two separate locations. Start under the hood.
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