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2000 suburban third seat

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hey everybody, I'm new to this but maybe y'all will be able to help... i own a 2000 suburban 1500, i need a third seat for it. my question is, can i use any year third seat, or does it have to be a 2000, third seat. can they be interchangeable for differet years. will a Tahoe third seat work... please help
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Any 2000-2006 Suburban or Yukon XL 3rd seat will's just getting the right color & material if you require it to match. The leather and cloth were specific to '00-02 and then changed for '03-06, and were specific to the GMC and Chevy.

As for the Tahoe/Yukon, they actually used a different 3rd row that was split and, I believe, had different mounts because of it. So you'll have to stick with something from a "long" model.
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