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2-Way Advanced Remote (New Info from GM)

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I thought y'all would like to know about this, since I think a lot of us have been waiting on these...although I don't understand the vehicles this is offered ON and the ones it's NOT.

It shows on the new Silverado you can't have a Rear Window Defogger OR a Power Back Window.....I am just wondering if they have the 2 way remotes for the trucks WITH those features....can't see why they wouldn't....the vast majority of the new trucks are going to have one or the other of those 2 options...just seemed kinda strange.

Like where it lists a standard cab truck and says you can't have a Rear Window Defogger....that is standard on a LT model truck (or at least it was when I ordered mine) the only regular cabs you could put that remote on would be the Work Truck model....and that don't make a lot of sense.

Thanks to the folks over at the Enclave Forum where I found this info too !

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Re: 2-Way Advanced Remote

I just had one installed in my 2010 Chevy Traverse. Once I got past the bulk of it (about twice as fat as a regular fob) I like it fine. A little pricey and either it or the installation of it has a few bugs in it but still pretty neat.
Along with the standard stuff (lock/unlock doors, open rear glass and tailgate, panic/locate horn control and, of course, start and turn-off my engine) I can see my tire pressures, mileage, and gas tank level. For tailgating, I can also scroll through my favorities on DVD/CD and or radio.

The part before any discount is $295 and the labor hours is 2.5 so with Phoenix area taxes included you are easily looking at a $600 bill. I used my GM retiree discount so came in under that.

I tested it at about 60 yards line of sight and the communication was fine.

The only bug I have at this point is that after 2 remote starts and 2 remote shutdowns, the third remote start does not work. After two remote shutdowns you need to restart in the tradition way (with the key) to reset things. I'll be working with the dealer on this one since it may be an installation problem.

Hope this helps.
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