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2-Way Advanced Remote (New Info from GM)

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I thought y'all would like to know about this, since I think a lot of us have been waiting on these...although I don't understand the vehicles this is offered ON and the ones it's NOT.

It shows on the new Silverado you can't have a Rear Window Defogger OR a Power Back Window.....I am just wondering if they have the 2 way remotes for the trucks WITH those features....can't see why they wouldn't....the vast majority of the new trucks are going to have one or the other of those 2 options...just seemed kinda strange.

Like where it lists a standard cab truck and says you can't have a Rear Window Defogger....that is standard on a LT model truck (or at least it was when I ordered mine) the only regular cabs you could put that remote on would be the Work Truck model....and that don't make a lot of sense.

Thanks to the folks over at the Enclave Forum where I found this info too !

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Anyone have one of these yet ?

Just wondering :)
Yes, over a year ago now. I like it.
What does this give you that the standard key fob doesn't for vehicles that come with remote start?
Mostly just a longer range. My 08 Silverado had very poor range with the stock remote. Most times I would have to be within 60ft for the truck to start. With this one if I can see the truck it will start as long as it is a clear line of sight. Is the range as good as an aftermarket, nope, but it is also just a straight plug in, no wire cutting. You can also check your fuel level, tire pressures, odometer reading and change the stations on your radio.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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