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2-Way Advanced Remote (New Info from GM)

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I thought y'all would like to know about this, since I think a lot of us have been waiting on these...although I don't understand the vehicles this is offered ON and the ones it's NOT.

It shows on the new Silverado you can't have a Rear Window Defogger OR a Power Back Window.....I am just wondering if they have the 2 way remotes for the trucks WITH those features....can't see why they wouldn't....the vast majority of the new trucks are going to have one or the other of those 2 options...just seemed kinda strange.

Like where it lists a standard cab truck and says you can't have a Rear Window Defogger....that is standard on a LT model truck (or at least it was when I ordered mine) the only regular cabs you could put that remote on would be the Work Truck model....and that don't make a lot of sense.

Thanks to the folks over at the Enclave Forum where I found this info too !

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This is from the May 2005 issue of the GM Tech Link magazine.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2-Way Advanced Remote Startfigure 6 An innovative new 2-Way Advanced Remote Start kit is available for installation in select 2007-08 GM vehicles, including Enclave, Lucerne, Avalanche, Equinox, HHR, Silverado, Suburban, Tahoe, G6, Acadia, Sierra, Yukon, Escalade and H2. The kit includes a receiver (RCDLR), key fob transmitter with LCD display screen (fig. 6), antenna and owner manual.TIP: Depending on vehicle equipment, the kit may also include a factory style 1-way transmitter, a service part ID label, authorization code to reprogram the vehicle to add remote start (similar to the current remote start accessory kits), a hood latch and a hood switch wiring harness.TIP: The kit can be ordered through the local Accessory Distributor Installer (ADI) or the dealership parts department. This upgrade adds functions to the factory keyless entry or remote start systems, and the 2-way feature allows the owner to view various vehicle data on the key fob's LCD display screen.Availability of features and displays varies by vehicle and other equipment. Depending on model, functions include*:- extended range remote keyless entry- extended range remote vehicle start- door lock/unlock- power liftgate open/close- scroll through preset radio stations- vehicle locator/panic alarm* A 2-way Advanced Remote Start Vehicle Model/Function Matrix is available on the Accessory Information Center (AIC) via DealerWorld.And also depending on model, the LCD screen displays:- fuel level- tire pressure- odometer- clock/remote start countdown timer- key fob battery life indicator- visual (and audible) confirmation that key fob commands were receivedTransmitter TypesThere are three types of 2-Way transmitters, depending on the equipment on the vehicle:- 4-button with a trunk/liftglass/power liftgate button- 4-button with a panic button- 5-button with both a liftglass and a power liftgate buttonThe appearance of the fob control buttons varies slightly depending on vehicle equipment, but basically all fobs have four or five buttons on the top face and one button on each side. The face buttons control typical remote functions (lock/unlock, start), while the side buttons are used to navigate the various feature menus of the Advanced Remote Start fob (radio, odometer, tire pressure, fuel level, etc.).Owner BenefitsThe 2-way fob has an operating range up to three times as far as the factory installed system. It is able to pre-heat or pre-cool the vehicle interior (when temperature is pre-set). It can be programmed to control a second vehicle that is also equipped with the 2-Way Advanced Remote Start system. And factory key fobs remain operational if reprogrammed (except HHR and G6; the kits for these vehicles include one new factory-style key fob to replace the factory fob).Installation TipsEstimated installation time runs from 1.1 to 2.3 hours, depending on the vehicle. Installation instructions are not in the kits. They are available on SI. There is an Accessory Installation Manual for each vehicle.The installation involves replacing the RCDLR on the vehicle with the 2-Way RCDLR and installing the antenna in a location specific to each vehicle make/model. The antenna is mounted with double-sided adhesive tape, which requires one of the following adhesion promoters (not included in the kits)., a driveline noise or vibration will result at approximately 55 to 65 mph (90 to 105 kph).Adhesion Promoter GM p/n12378462 Canadian p/n 10953554 Glass Primer and Adhesion Promoter GM p/n12378555 Canadian p/n 88901239 TIP: The antenna mounting location described in the instructions is very important for achieving the transmitter's optimal operating range and tire pressure sensor receiving performance of the system.Programming TipsThe 2-Way RCDLR is programmed using SPS. This is common with how Omron RCDLRs are set up, but not common with how Lear RCDLRs are set up. For most vehicles, there is a series of questions that need to be answered about the vehicle to narrow down the correct calibration file. Options that the system cares about are steering wheel remote controls (UK3), power liftgate (E61) and radio option for fullsize trucks.One of the questions for the full size pickups only is whether the vehicle has the Tire Pressure Monitoring System (not on some heavy-duty dually pickups). If you incorrectly answer that the vehicle doesn't have TPMS, the IPC TPMS telltale will be illuminated, but there will be no DTCs in the 2-Way RCDLR.Service TipsBecause the 2-Way RCDLR replaces the regular production RCDLR, service of RCDLRs in the future will require determining which part to order for replacement:- an RCDLR from the regular production section of the catalog (Group 16)- or the Accessories 2-Way RCDLR from the Accessories section of the catalog (Group 21).- or a 1-way transmitter from the Accessories section of the catalog (Group 21).Identification TipsThe 2-Way RCDLR has a bright yellow label on it.The Tech 2 shows "Code" as the supplier of the RCDLR under the Module ID information.The 2-Way transmitter is a positive indicator that the vehicle is equipped with the optional system, but if the customer brings in only the factory-style transmitter, the vehicle could still be equipped with a 2-Way RCDLR. A SPID label indicating that the 2-Way Advanced Remote Start system has been installed on the vehicle is included in the HHR and G6 kits.Operating TipsThe 2-Way Advanced Remote Start owner manual states that the transmitter's odometer display is accurate within one mile, and the clock is within a couple of minutes. The odometer should normally not differ from the IPC. Differences are slightly more probable on Acadia and Enclave.The fob clock will likely be one minute behind the clock on all applications. When the fob synchs with the vehicle, it gets only the hour and minute information, not the seconds, and it assumes that there are zero seconds. This, combined with the fact that some radios send time of day as exactly one minute behind what is on the display, will cause the clock to be two minutes behind on some vehicles. This is normal operation.The fob fuel level display is approximate (only shows 5 bars) so it does not exactly represent the IPC fuel gage pointer position. The point at which a particular bar will disappear will be consistent for the life of the vehicle, but may differ from a vehicle of a different model. For instance, if the 2-way fob is used for two different vehicles, there may be discernible differences when compared to the IPC fuel gages.
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