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2 Indicted in Street Racing Deaths (and a little rant to the teens of MD)

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UPPER MARLBORO, Md. -- Two men were indicted Tuesday in the deaths of eight people killed when a car plowed into them as they gathered to watch an illegal street race in suburban Maryland. Darren Bullock, 20, and Tavon Taylor, 18, were each charged with eight counts of vehicular manslaughter, as well as reckless driving and street racing, in the Feb. 16 crash.
more @ link.

Oh yes and thanks to these guys(; as well as him ( and including the indicted here, teens here are getting a bad rep and I'll have sky high insurance rates once I start to buy my own car. I :mad:
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Dawg duh Bounty Hunter's idiot son is still in jail on similar charges, yes?

Communities should work with kids regarding setting up some safe racing venues. You will never kill off night drag racing, though. When you're full of hormones, young energy, excitability, rebelliousness, and thrill seeking, you gotta do something. Badminton just doesn't do it.

I knew some excellent drivers when I was under 21. I considered myself one.
We knew how to skid control, we knew how to four-wheel drift, how to hang out the rear end, knew the cornering and braking limits of our rides.
We did have a tendency to get in a little deep, that's a characteristic of inexperienced drivers.

Too bad the US-Americans' "driver training" is nothing but an expensive and ill-conceived joke. :bounce:
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