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I have 1998 Olds Bravada that I refuse to give up on. Everything but the engine block has been replaced and has 111k miles so I'm keeping her...but this problem is beyond my scope and methinks the dealer is the only solution to fix this problem.


1. Battery Died. 2 years old. 2 year old alternator and bat cables
2. Took car in to have Bat/Elec sys (charging) tested. Confirmed dead Bat Charging sys okay
3. Replaced Bat under warranty.
4. Drive car off lot and notice Air Conditioner air volume is different. Also hear what appears to be hot/cold air valve under glove box area laboring. Air Cond is in AUTO. Air cycles from full hot to full cold 20 second intervals. Valve just continues to cycle back and forth and you can hear what sounds like valve motor reaching full travel in each direction and then continuing to push the valve against the stops. No popping but a steady groan with each cycle.
5. With Air Cond on or off it doesn't matter it just keeps cycling.
6. Performed the key off, fuse pull, key on fuse in technique to get the computer to reset. I understand the valve needs to re-learn proximity values for open and closed. No result.
7. Shop says it gets proximity values and codes but dealer needs to step in from this point. They said they could go into the dash for 7-8 hours labor and replace valve but they seem to be in uncharted waters. This is very reputable shop and I trust them. 20 years in business and spoke with owner.

I think the ultimate problem is that something is draining that battery when the vehicle is turned off overnight. That led to the bat going dead. Low cranking power that morning and also radio presets missing. Although, that morning the AC worked fine. It wasn't until the new battery install and diagnosis of old bat did this valve fail. Coincidence? They say yes.

Still stuck with great car in AZ that intermittently blows 200 degree air into the cabin (so hot at the foot area its hard to hold the accelerator down)

Any ideas? Dealer? Est cost to troubleshoot or know what might be wrong? The car is worth maybe 3,500 but its in great condition otherwise and like I said everything is new from the AC to the radiator to you name it....All major repairs complete just short of replacing the engine and trans.

Any help appreciated...I don't want to sell her for nothing (cant sell it at all like this)

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