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I'm not positive on the fuel filter location, just going off my general knowledge of GM vehicles... Find the fuel lines going from the tank to the engine, they should be located underneath the car towards the outside edge on the driverside. There are two fuel lines together, one bigger which is the supply and one smaller which is the return. The fuel filter will be in the supply line, probably underneath the gas pedal area but it could also be in front of the rear wheel. It will look like a small can in the line. The filter will be bolted to the car with a strap. Unbolt it and then disconnect the fuel lines. I'm guessing the fuel line is just snapped on to the filter, though it could be screwed on. Have a pan ready because some gas will pour out when you take off the filter. Do not bugger up the fuel lines because then you will be SOL.

This is not too hard to do, but you may want to have someone do it if you are not mechanically inclined.

I would also suggest to change the plugs, wires and air filter. Thus you would be giving the car a complete tune up.
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