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1958 Motor Trend: Impala against the Ford Fairlane & Plymouth Fury

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Here's how they stacked up in 1958:

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I'm reluctant to post the whole article, as I don't want to damage the magazine.

It's interesting how the Plymouth Fury was largely carried over from 1957 but still managed to embarrass both the new Chevrolet Impala and the massively refreshed Ford Fairlane 500. And the Fury didn't even have a limited-slip differential!
Gotta keep in it "new posts"???

Interesting article all the same...
I think it deserved more attention than it was getting, but didn't want to be obnoxious by simply typing in the word "bump" in a new post like a particular member resorts to.

cool, my first car was a 57 Belvedere with that cool push button transmission!
OH MAN. I totally want to befriend you now. Was it the Powerflite or Torqueflite?
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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