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15 New Cars To Avoid

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New cars just aren’t what they used to be. No, we’re not getting all crotchety and decrying the evolution in styling and technological breakthroughs that have literally reinvented the automobile during the last quarter millennium. Rather, we’re bemoaning the fact that, unlike as in past model years, there’s a dearth of truly wretched cars on the market for us to openly and readily ridicule.

Despite the recent spate of recalls in the auto industry, it’s difficult to find catastrophic fault with today’s new cars. It’s been ages since the industry produced vehicles that were so mechanically misbegotten they’d, say, drop a transmission to the pavement within days after being picked up at the dealership.

We don’t even have a particularly gruesome-looking model like the oft-vilified Pontiac Aztek crossover SUV to kick around these days or even an unfortunately executed flop like the Chevrolet SSR sport truck to deride. Heck, what was until recently the poster child for ungainly contemporary cars – the Chrysler 200 – managed to morph into what is now a capable and downright amenable midsize sedan with its model-year 2015 redesign.

We consulted J.D. Power for the latest results in the company’s initial quality and long-term reliability surveys and its scores for performance and design; rankings for resale value depreciation came from the automotive valuation experts at ALG. Finally, we weighed in with no less an expert source than Consumer Reports to check which models received particularly paltry scores for performance and overall value.
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Totally agree about the Jeep Patriot. I actually judge the intelligence of people that own them. I test drove one back to back with a Forester...I still talk about how bad the Patriot was whenever I see one and I'm with someone else. The Forester...I decided I couldn't live without one and still have it 170k later.

Patriot was sooooooo slow even with a 2.4L and 5 speed manual. Had to really wind it up to get anyway. Forester felt like it had a big block in comparison. Didn't feel sporty at all either. Couldn't even chirp the tires when I redlined it and dropped the clutch in FWD mode

Yea I don't get how it made the list. It might not be for everyone but FCA can't crank out enough to meet demand.
Jeep's facelifted Compass SUV has scored a poor two-star rating in the latest round of European crash testing.

The European New Car Assessment Program (EuroNCAP) issued a statement about the score of the Compass, saying it had "underachieved" in most areas and showed "poor protection levels".

It was against these revised parameters that the Jeep struggled, with the Compass scoring just 23 per cent in the pedestrian protection rating - with the car's bumper scoring no points for pedestrian leg protection while the general pedestrian rating was either poor or marginal, which in turn limited the car to two stars. Its score of 43 per cent for safety assistance was also weak, with EuroNCAP saying the car's seatbelt reminders "did not meet EuroNCAP's requirements".

The Compass' passenger safety scores were also less than stellar, with the adult occupant protection rated at 61 per cent, while the child protection rating was scored at 76 per cent.

To put that into perspective, the current top-scorer in the compact SUV class, the Audi Q3, managed 94 per cent for adult protection and 85 per cent for child protection.

My boss who has "zero common sense" owned a Suzuki Jimmy. He rolled it nearly killed his wife in the process she ended up totally paralysed down one side, police wanted to charge him with dangerous driving, attempted murder but his wife dropped the charges.

His next car was a Patriot enough said "intelligence of people that own them". It kinda tickled me when he come back to work and said his wife might still be able to drive again, but she would have to take her driving test again, to which somebody replied it's not her that should be taking the test, its you, you murderer.

Jeep Compass 2 stars NCAP rated is still like a third world countries poor car design, when it comes to crash protection, they are a deathtrap. I would not lets any of my family go anywhere near an unsafe dodgy Compass (Well with maybe with the exception of the Mother-In-Law).
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