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Finally, I've been waiting for this moment. I have only been here for a few months, and I have seen mostly everyone's broad opinion on things. For my 100th post, I give you my best 2 posts, I think. The ones that brought on the buzz:

Forget 'retro'
Everyone attacked me on this one. I'm not much a fan of 'retro' vehicles, but everyone who posted a message on the board is. I could tell from the start. Everyone criticized me for everything that was going on. Everything that I was saying. I think we took it all too serious
Link to Forget 'retro'

Things that annoy me the most
Everyone got their hands on my throat and choked me to death. The fight still continues as everyone began to shoot foul language, angry smiles :)angry:), and their opinions at me once I criticized platform sharing from GM. It was everyone against me. HA-HA
Link to Things that annoy me the most
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