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10 Things Your Insurance Company Knows About You

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Your insurance company can’t verify the annual mileage you drive, your marital status or who in your household drives your car, so why do they ask those questions when it comes to getting an insurance provider?

We reached out to an insurance expert for answers about what you share with your insurance provider. But one thing is for sure; your contract with an auto insurance provider is about trust.

“On every insurance application the consumer is asked to sign it in order to give consent,” says Anne-Marie Thomas, a spokesperson from InsuranceHotline. “You’re authorizing the insurance company to collect and assess your driving history in order to give you insurance.” That means that your driving history and the answers you give on your insurance application is what makes up the majority of the profile that your provider has of you.
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ugh I hate Aunt Flo
When my wife bought a new car, I called our insurance agent to transfer insurance overage. Found out my neighbor has a new job, working the telephones for my insurance agent. My insurance company knows a LOT about me.
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