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09 ram r/t mule??

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s1???hey duspinnt is the doors bigger?looks like it wont have the storge bin do you know??
I know they make crew cabs and quad cabs, but the space behind the seat in the current regular cabs is what seems to be missing in the new 09' regular cabs. Dodge's current regular cab has a lot of space behind the seat even if the seat is set all the way back. Starting in 09', not that I want one, dodge is no longer going to offer a long bed (8 foot) in anything but a regular cab, for me that is fine, becasue Regular cab long beds is what I use for work. I know there are some fokes on the dodge forum that are upset that there is no longer a quad cab long bed. But all this is do to the use of only one wheel base for the crew cab 5 foot bed, quad cab 6 foot bed and regular cab 8 foot bed all use the same wheel bases. The only other wheelbases offered in the new 09 is the short box regular cab.
yea thats what i ask DuSpinnst if it still has the storage bins behind the seats in the reg cab.
1 - 4 of 21 Posts
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