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'09 Pontiac G8 GT Gets Optional 6-speed Manual

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CarDomain recently sat for lunch with GM car czar Bob Lutz, and one of the topics that came up was the ever-vanishing manual transmission. Lutz explained that modern automatics are no longer the less efficient option by default, and with CAFE dictating so much nowadays, carmakers can actually lower their fleet average fuel economy more by going with automatics that can be programmed to deliver maximum efficiency (as far as the EPA is concerned, at least). He then went on to state that there will be manuals available in both the Camaro and the 2009 Pontiac G8 GT, which gets a 6-speed unit from Tremec. So if you waited on Poncho's new muscle sedan, your patience will be rewarded. Of course, your patience will also got you a price increase too, but at least those dopey digital auxiliary gauges will be gone, as well.
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I don't know which is better news, eliminating the stupid LED gauges or the manual...
Lets see:
8 cylinders - check
6 gears - check
3 pedals - double check
2 doors - check (could deal with four, I guess)
1 fun ride - Camaro

Torn between three vehicles, 2 of which aren't even available for sale G8 GT, G8 ST, or Camaro. Come on GM, I am waiting patiently. Keep my Monte running a little while longer, and when I get my own garage. Maybe I should get a big truck, should be able to get one of those pretty cheap now....
SWEET (both pieces of news - the 6 speed and the goofy gauges). This cements my decision to wait for an '09! Thx!

I don't suppose anyone knows when the manual would be available (or would hit the ground)?
Pontiac G8 with the manual really is a 30 grand M5. IMO

Should attract many new people into Pontiac dealerships.

Does any body know?

Time to advertise

People don't know. IMO
what gauges are we talking about?
These stupid ones.

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...We still intend to offer the six-speed manual transmission as an option on the GXP model released late this year, however we have no current plans to offer the manual tranny on any other G8 model. It's possible there was some confusion over the GT vs. GXP...
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