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09 Full size truck comparison

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This comparison doesn't mean CRAP! I would like to see do a similar comparison or maybe even Car and Driver or a well known or reliable automotive magazine. I find it hard to believe that the 09 Chevy Silverado would be ranked below a Nissan Titan or whatever. If anything it should of been right up there with the new Dodge Ram and Ford F-150. :yup: Still waiting for another comparison.... also did a review............... and pretty much loved the new F150. In particular, they found that the F150 was the best "truck" truck. The Dodge 5-speed auto really kills the truck, when used as a truck, as the drop from 1st to 2nd is huge, and the Hemi then falls on its ass.

We know you hate Ford. We also know that you don't think that anything that they make is better than ANYTHING that GM makes. You are allowed your opinion. However, considering that every mag and site that has tested the new F150 loves it, I guess you have to call them all crap also. Keep searching every site, to find what you want............ to confirm what you believe.

Ford makes a great truck. They may never be the fastest, but they are usually pretty much the best at being a "truck." GM makes a great truck. However, I truly feel that they are better at being a "driveway truck," with some "truck" stuff thrown in. The Dodge trucks, well.............. they are just plain ol "driveway trucks."

Thus, there is a truck for everyone. Just think, soon enough, you should be able to get a Chevy Ram truck also. Then you can like Chrysler also. :rolleyes:
Mind if I asked you a question? All you people talk about the Ford F-150 being the the top selling truck and all of that. Have you ever heard of something called "BADGE ENGINEERING"? Well GM has being doing that for sometime now with the Chevy Silverado and the GMC Sierra. They are basically the exact same trucks but with slightly different sheet metal and different front clips. The Silverado/Sierra has been the top selling trucks for sometime now and I think that your an example of someone who doesn't realize that.

Yeah I don't like Ford but so what! I do however believe that the new Dodge Ram is a better truck than the new F-150. :yup:
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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