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I have a 2008 acadia with variable effort steering. I am at the point where I want to burn this car to the ground. The steering at low speeds under 45 MPH is buttery smooth. Once over 45 MPH (and especially at free way speeds) The power steering becomes "stiff" or has a "catch" in it only at a particular spot in either direction. When driving straight and using minimal steering input everything is fine, but when turning the wheel in either direction say to change a lane at high speed (maybe 10 degrees or so). there is a stiff spot followed by steering being fine again once past the spot. It makes steering very jerky as you have to overcome this stiff spot.

Things that have been replaced / tested
- Factory rack and pinion with variable effort orifice replaced.
- Power steering pump replaced
- Intermediate shaft replaced
- Steering column replaced
- Had car on hoist and turned tires back and forth with rack disconnected

I have convinced myself that the problem has to do with the variable effort steering. I am wondering if there is anybody out there that may have any ideas. I am getting tired of replacing things. I am a VW mechanic, and hate the idea of throwing parts at a car, but I have no experience / scan tool to deal with GM cars.

Things that I think may be causing this
- Bad steering angle sensor (but not bad enough for car to detect)
- Some type of software update needed for the VES system
- Steering angle sensor calibration
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