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04 Tahoe steering

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Have the dreaded chevy steering clunk ,vibration and rattle. My question is why is this not covered under my CERTIFIED USED CAR WARRANTY that is good until dec 31/08? I beleive it is the intermediate steering shaft that is causing the problem. Any body have this fixed under their CUCW?
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I had a 2003 tahoe that had the same problem. i had the intermediate steering shaft replaced 4 times. GM ended up buying it back from me after months of calling them. I ended up getting an 05 loaded. they traded the 03 for the 05 even up. It happened to the 05 once and they fixed it and said it was a recall. It should still be covered under the recall no matter when you bought it. have you called GM. I would not take no for an answer. It's not your fault the people before you didn't keep up with it. that's a safety issue. we bought a used car a year ago and i noticed shortly after we bought it that it had an open recall. they didn't ask any questions and fixed it. you really shouldn't be having any problems
What? So they bought back an 03 for a steering shaft clunk only, then gave you an 05 for nothing, which btw, still had the steering clunk issue? I have been through a few by backs, and it was dreadful, not to mention they both had major issues, not just a measely shaft clunk. The steering shaft never has been and never will be recalled. They did come out with a new design to permanently fix the issue, but it was a bulletin, not a recall. We used to put those things in left and right, and even good-willed a bunch of them for people out of warranty. But it was never a recall.

Anyway, the steering shaft is listed for coverage under GMPP Majorguard for sure, but I dont get many of the Certified used cars through here so I cant be certain. If you want to know how to fix it yourself for nothing, (temporarily) let me know.
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